"I enjoy working with students who have a desire to reach their academic potential and to gain invaluable skills during their time at Jus 'T' Learn. From the themes of Love versus Hate highlighted in their study of Shakespeare, to addressing accent and dialect in their study of spoken language, and the social conditions presented in the study of "An Inspector Calls" , it is always encouraging to see even the most detached student connect, sympathize and even empathize with the topics raised in their study of English Language and GCSE English Literature. I have seen the benefits students gain from developing their literacy skills in a positive environment which encourages them to make informed decisions that are not limited to the classroom."

Melissa Parke (English & 11+)


"I believe in learning. Not just for the sake of exams, but as a means of bettering yourself. As a teacher for GCSE Mathematics I like to teach students how to use what they have learned to solve problems they encounter. I always seek to keep my lessons engaging and challenging in order to get students to work towards their full potential. As a teacher I aim to combine education and mentoring, whilst re-engaging difficult to reach young people."

Charles Bamikole (Mathematics)


"I worked with young people before I decided to train as a teacher. I qualified to teach health & Social Care and enjoy sharing my knowledge with young people and encouraging them to reach their aspirations by working hard and setting high expectations for themselves. I previously worked in secondary schools before joining Jus'T'Learn. It is my belief that building effective relationships with young people is core to improving their experience in education and motivating them to learn."

Lana Philippson (Health and Social Care)


"Having acquired valuable teaching experience and skills, I currently teach maths and sciences (physics) at GCSE and A Level (Year 12 & 13) stages keeping track of efficient delivery of academic tasks. I find maths and science (physics) interesting especially as both subjects explore nature's beauty, creativity, power of reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving and I encourage my students to embrace the real life applications of these subjects. I hold a B.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering, MBA and Phd (in view)."

Ola Ogundega (Maths and Physics)


"From an education and business background, I began coaching and mentoring young people in 2015.  I focus on transferring a range of learning skills relevant to all subjects and all levels to optimise educational attainment.  My goal centres about enabling young people to further understand both how to learn and the relevance of education to the world of work."

James Brown (Mathematics and 11+)